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Transforming biomass, wastes and residues into renewable fuels and chemicals

Licella™ – “The Wonder from Down Under”
– Jim Lane, Biofuels Digest (Editor of the world’s most widely read biofuels daily)

Cat-HTR Process

Who are ‘The wonder from down under’?

For over a decade Licella™ has been pioneering the field of hydrothermal upgrading – now recognised as the best production pathway for advanced biofuels. We have since become recognised as the global leader in the field with our unique and revolutionary Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor (Cat-HTR™).

Cat-HTR platform

With over A$75M invested in the development of the Cat-HTR platform, it has been extensively tested and conservatively scaled up at our large pilot plant in Somersby on the NSW Central Coast, Australia. The Cat-HTR platform is now commercial ready and proven across a wide range of feedstocks.

Our proprietary hydrothermal upgrading platform, the Cat-HTR™, is proven to convert various residues, waste and non-edible biomass, End-of-Life Plastic, used lubrication oil and lignite into the world’s first stable biocrude or synthetic crude oil

Licella’s biocrude is capable of being refined within a conventional refinery to biofuel and valuable biochemicals.

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