Our patented Cat-HTR™ platform unlocks the value from plastic and biomass recovered resources, helping to create a lower carbon circular economy.



Cat-HTR™ is the next-generation of biomass to oil technologies, offering a high value, low emissions alternative to burning or burying biomass, helping to transition to a low carbon circular economy.



The next generation of advanced recycling. Cat-HTR™ is unique among plastic to oil technologies, with the ability to process mixed End-of-Life Plastic (including flexible and multilayer plastics) into valuable new products, enabling a circular economy for previously non recyclable plastics.



We partner with other industry leaders who share our vision for a lower carbon future. Our Cat-HTR™ technology is at the core of our partner’s commercial roll-out.

We are working with our strategic partners to commercialise our patented Cat-HTR™ technology within huge potential markets.


Sustainability and the Future

The way we use carbon is unsustainable. If no action is taken, CO2 in the atmosphere will double by 2100.

Our Cat-HTR™ technology offers a low carbon solution to help achieve decarbonisation and reduce our reliance on fossil resources.


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