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S. Navy Visits Licella’s Plant

U.S.Navy Visits Demonstration Plant and Outlines Alternative Fuels Target.

Representatives of the U.S. Navy toured Licella’s Demonstration Plant today to observe the Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor (Cat-HTR) technology, which converts biomass into a bio-crude oil. The U.S. Navy plans to fuel half of its fleet on alternative fuels by the end of 2020, with Australian producers set to be integral to their plan.

During his visit to Somersby the deputy assistant secretary for the U.S. Navy, Tom Hicks, outlined the Navy’s plan to reduce fuel dependence from conventional fuels sourced from politically unstable locations. He added that testing of alternative fuels in both sea vessels and aircraft have already been undertaken with great success.

As part of their plan, the U.S. Navy aims to have an entire fleet of warships – known as the “Great Green Fleet” – that run on biofuels by 2016.

The ABC was present at Licella’s Demonstration Plant during the tour, which was featured on their news program.

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