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Licella: From Plant Waste to Biofuels

The Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education has published a case study outlining the future landscape of biofuels and the role Licella intends to play.

“The unmet need: Declining traditional oil supplies, increasing fuel prices, global warming and higher prices for commodities are driving a worldwide rethink of our dependence on fossil fuels. Biofuels – fuels made from renewable, biological materials – are increasingly seen as a viable alternative to traditional sources of energy.”

“In a world first, Licella Pty Ltd has developed a unique one-step process to convert readily available, low cost, non-food plant material into stable, low carbon footprint, high-value biocrude oil. The biocrude can be further refined into fuel for the transport and aviation industries. Producing a true alternative to fossil fuel, Licella’s process is quick, clean and cost effective.”

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