Renew ELP – UK

Building the first commercial Cat-HTR™ plant for End-of-Life Plastic – ReNew ELP

End-of-Life Plastic to Biocrude

Licella™, through a joint venture with Armstrong Chemicals (UK), will build the world’s first commercial scale hydrothermal upgrading plant for End-of-Life Plastic (ELP) to chemicals and will commence construction in 2019.

Following a series of successful trials at Licella’s pilot plant, the new commercial-scale Cat-HTR™ plant will convert ELP, otherwise sent to landfill, to valuable chemicals.

In many countries, including the UK, a significant charge is levied upon companies to dispose of End-of-Life Plastic, which up until now was not economically viable to recycle.

The joint venture will earn a licence fee and royalties from the projects, with plans for a global roll out.

The initial plant is planned to be located in Wilton, UK and will have a capacity of 20,000 tonnes of feedstock per annum.

For more information on the project visit ReNew ELP