Licella™ has the world’s only large scale hydrothermal upgrading plant, located on the NSW Central Coast in Australia

Over the past 10 years, Licella™ has used this plant to refine its Cat-HTR™ process for optimal yield, product quality and economics. This has involved three separate scale-ups of our Cat-HTR™ technology, resulting in the construction of the current Large Pilot Plant.

The final scale up to a commercial scale module is only a x 2.2 scale up of the existing Large Pilot Plant reactors.


Alongside our strategic partners, Canfor Pulp in Canada and Armstrong Chemicals in the UK, we are building the world’s first commercial scale hydrothermal upgrading plants using our patented Cat-HTR™ platform.

Cat-HTR™ Reactor Progression

Plant Construction Capacity (slurry tonnes/annum)
1st Generation Small Pilot 2009 100
2nd Generation Large Pilot 2011 1,000
3rd Generation Large Pilot 2012 10,000
4th Generation Commercial Commencing 2019 TBC – Project specific