Competitive strengths

Our Cat-HTR™ technology is patented worldwide, proven at large scale & commercial ready for global roll-out in huge potential markets.

Properties of Licella Biocrude

Cat-HTR™ Technical Advantages vs competitors

A truly versatile platform proven to process a wide variety of feedstocks

  • A highly controllable process that delivers a consistent and high quality oil
  • No need to dry biomass feedstock prior to processing
  • No need to add external hydrogen (significantly reduces cost of capital and production)
  • Inexpensive catalysts used
  • The Cat-HTR™ process is a net producer of water – it utilises the water within the feedstock

The Cat-HTR’s modular design integrates into existing production facilities – reducing cost and our carbon footprint, making it arguably one of the easiest platforms to scale-up commercially.

Cat-HTR™ less energy intensive than competitor technologies

Licella’s Cat-HTR™ process is significantly less energy intensive relative to other technologies, including gasification to Fisher Tropsch synthesis, which need to add external hydrogen. Cat-HTR™ utilisies the hydrogen in the water of the feedstock.

Biocrude oil