The Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor


For another 100 years at least, humans will need the energy and chemicals traditionally found in fossil oil.

What if that oil could be sustainable, renewable and reduce waste in the process?

That is the vision of Licella™ – a bridge to a lower carbon future.

Nature takes millions of years to create fossil oil. The Cat-HTR™ takes 20-30 minutes to create a renewable biocrude oil.

Cat-HTR Reactors


Licella’s patented Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor (Cat-HTR™) platform is a truly disruptive technology set to revolutionise how we approach a zero waste economy and transition to sustainable renewable fuels and chemicals. The Cat-HTR™ is also offering a new stream of revenue to industries looking to diversify, creating valuable new products from waste and residues.

Using water at near or supercritical temperatures, the Cat-HTR™ converts a wide variety of low-cost, waste feedstocks and residues into high-value products.

The Cat-HTR™ platform has been extensively tested, and conservatively scaled up, over the past ten years to its current commercial-ready module, located on the NSW Central Coast, Australia.

The Cat-HTR™ is the most commercially advanced hydrothermal upgrading platform globally. With over $75M invested over 10 years of development, the Cat-HTR™ is the only platform of its kind proven at large pilot scale.

Cat-HTR Process