iQ Renew – Australia

iQ Renew – Intelligent Australian Recycling

Commercialising the Cat-HTR™  for End-of-Life Plastic in Australia

iQ Renew has the exclusive Australian rights to the Cat-HTR™ chemical recycling plaform for End-of-Life Plastic (ELP).

iQ Renew Fact Sheet available here

This project is supported by an Australian government A$1M Accelerating Commercialisation grant, which is helping fund an end to end Cat-HTR demonstration plant here in NSW for ELP. This plant has already successfully converted a high concentration of ELP feedstock to oil, and Licella continue to work with iQ Renew to refine this process, alongside sourcing commercial site locations along Australia’s east coast.

Licella partners with sustainable feedstock providers

Following an evaluation of the Australian resource recovery market, Stop Waste was identified as an owner and developer of existing MRFs that is well positioned to deploy and commercialise Licella’s Cat-HTR technology for End-of-Life Plastics.

China – import ban on waste plastic from Jan 2018 onwards

In July 2017 China notified the WTO of an import ban on waste plastic effective by end of 2017.

“…China in 2016 imported about 7.3 million tonnes of waste plastic, costing US$3.7 billion, and accounting for around 56 per cent of world imports.”,

South China Morning Post, 18 August 2017

The end of exporting our resource recovery processing

The waste landscape around the world is changing. There is now a crackdown on exporting waste both within Australia and overseas, particularly to China.

Markets for exporting waste are being shut down – and local solutions are required now.

  • Up until now, waste recyclers have exported waste to avoid capital cost of processing locally. There is now a crackdown on exporting waste within Australia and China.
  • Waste must now be processed close to source. Smaller operators need to obtain sufficient scale and inject capital for processing.

Physical + Chemical Recycling

How we plan to transform the Australian waste landscape

By amalgamating MRF and recycling services, and at the same time increasing their ability to secondary process these recycling streams, iQ Renew  add value to resource recovery and maximise the materials able to be recycled.