About Licella Products

Bio-crude oil

Licella has produced what is believed to be the world’s first stable bio-crude oil – a crude oil that is made from biomass. Using its proprietary Cat-HTR technology, Licella can theoretically convert any ligno-cellulosic biomass feedstock into bio-crude.

Licella Products Bio-Crude

Key properties of Licella’s bio-crude:

  • Energy Density: 34-36 MJ/kg
  • Stable: can be transported
  • Miscible: can be blended
  • Oxygen around 12-14 wt% or less

Licella’s bio-crude oil delivers a high energy density product, which is well-placed to deliver a sustainable refinery feedstock to create bio-fuels for transport industries.

As part of an ARENA sponsored project the world renowned ITQ laboratory in Valencia, Spain demonstrated that it was possible to upgrade Licella’s bio-crude to kerosene and diesel utilising standard refinery infrastructure.

See more on the project here.

Traditional bio-fuels are typically low energy density, are not stable, and are difficult to transport and blend.

Licella’s bio-fuel is stable, transportable and blendable.


Licella’s Cat-HTR process also produces valuable water soluble organic bio-chemicals ranging from Aliphatics & Cycloaliphatics used in fragrances and polymer production, Phenols / Cresols used as solvents, stabilisers and polymers including epoxy resins and plastic, to higher value ethers such as food additives and flavours including Vanillin and Guaiacol. These bio-chemicals have values of between $1,500 and $10,000 a tonne.

About Licella Biochemicals