Biomass example

Licella’s Cat-HTR technology can theoretically process any form of ligno-cellulosic biomass feedstock into bio-crude oil, to produce next generation bio-fuels and renewable bio-chemicals, without the need to dry the feedstock prior to processing. Importantly the feedstocks Licella process are non-edible and often waste from various existing industries.

Licella has tested the Cat-HTR platform on a wide variety of waste biomass, including:

  • Woody and agricultural waste, purpose grown energy crops such as Sorghum
  • Waste oil residuals – waste from the re-refining industry
  • Algae, produced from CO2 capture.
  • Bagasse – waste from the sugar cane processing industry
  • Palm waste – waste from the palm oil processing industry

Licella has until now primarily focused on wood and agricultural waste and has very successful experience and extensive data in this area. Licella continue to test feedstocks from around the world at its Cat-HTR Pilot Plant in Somersby, NSW.

Licella Refining, a subsidiary of Licella, focuses on producing finished products from Licella’s bio-crude.