Licella Large Pilot Plant
Licella LDRs

Licella’s Cat-HTR process has been tried and tested at its Large Pilot Plant, located at Somersby, an hour north of Sydney.

Over the past 7 years, Licella has used this plant to refine its process for optimal yield, product quality and economics. This has involved three separate scale-ups of its Cat-HTR technology, resulting in the construction of the Large Pilot Plant.

The final scale up to a commercial scale module is only a x 2.2 scale up of the existing Large Pilot Plant reactors.

The following table outlines Licella’s Cat-HTR reactor scale-up:

Reactor Progression Plant Construction Reactor diameter scale up
1st Generation Small Pilot 2009
2nd Generation Large Pilot 2011 x 2
3rd Generation Large Pilot 2012 x 3
4th Generation Commercial 2016 x 2.2