Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor

Using its proprietary Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor (Cat-HTR) technology, Licella can use any form of ligno-cellulosic biomass feedstock to produce biocrude oil, which can then be refined to produce biofuels and renewable biochemicals.

Under elevated heat and pressure, water approaches what is known as the supercritical state to process pulverised waste biomass, breaking down the ether linkages in the polymeric structure of the feedstock.

A significant point of difference between the Cat-HTR technology and other upgrading platforms is that, unlike traditional technologies which have including a drying process, the Cat-HTR utilises water at or near supercritical temperatures and pressures as a cost effective catalyst, therefore able to process a wide variety of wet feedstock, even co-mingled, without the need for a drying step. In addition, the process liberates water versus some competitive technologies that are net water users.

Licella Bio-Crude

Cat-HTR’s Competitive Advantages:

  • Lower carbon footprint due to a relatively low reaction temperatures (~ 300 degrees C) unlike other upgrading technologies such as pyrolysis (~500 degrees C) and gasification (~700 degrees C);
  • No need to dry biomass prior to processing – eliminating a step and reducing the cost of upgrading;
  • Does not rely on external enzymes, uses water as a cost-effective catalyst;
  • No external hydrogen required (reduces cost of production)
  • Higher yields: use all the biomass, 30 – 40% yield, 2+ bbls per odt feedstock;
  • Not tied to one market – about to process any form of ligno-cellulosic material and able to produce range of finished products;
  • Produces biofuels low in sulphur;
  • Ability to mix feedstocks – greater project scale potential, lower production costs.

In this video, Licella’s technology consultant Professor Thomas Maschmeyer tours Licella’s Demonstration Plant and answers questions as to the process of producing bio-oil.

Please CLICK HERE to watch the video.

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