About Licella

Licella is the global leader in hydrothermal upgrading.

Our proprietary hydrothermal upgrading platform, the Cat-HTR (Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor), has been extensively tested at the world’s first large scale continuous-flow pilot plant, converting residues, waste and non-edible biomass, End of Life Plastic, used lubrication oil and lignite into a stable biocrude or synthetic crude oil.

With over AU$75M invested already in the Cat-HTR platform, it is now commercial-ready as we work with our strategic partners to build the world’s first commercial-scale hydrothermal upgrading plants.

Licella’s biocrude is renewable, stable, miscible and non-corrosive.

Licella’s biocrude is capable of being blended within a conventional refinery to produce drop-in biofuels and valuable biochemicals.

Licella’s Cat-HTR platform will be integrated within our partners existing infrastructure, to provide a brand new revenue stream to industries such as pulp and paper and End of Life Plastic.By doing so, we are helping to provide a high value proposition for our partners low value residues, and also diverting End of Life Plastic from landfill.

Licella’s Cat-HTR platform is providing a bridge to a lower carbon future.

See Dr. Humphreys explain Licella’s process and his vision for the company on SBS World News.

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