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Sawdust Into Jet Fuel Licella has developed a unique technology that can transform any biomass, like sawdust and woody waste, into a Bio-Crude oil; which can be refined into an array of sustainable transport and aviation fuels.

Key Partnerships Established Licella has established a number of key partnerships with major international companies, including Virgin Airlines, Air New Zealand and Norske Skog, to jointly develop its technology.

U.S. Navy Visits Licella's Plant The U.S. Navy recently visited Licella’s Commercial Demonstration Plant for converting biomass into a Bio-Crude oil. The Navy is looking to have 50% of its fuel needs supplied from "alternative sources" by 2020.

Licella's Bio-Crude: Stable & Blendable Using its proprietary technology, Licella has produced what is believed to be the world’s first stable Bio-Crude oil; an oil produced from biomass (plant material). The Bio-Crude is stable, blendable and transportable.

"Potentially Revolutionary" (Accenture) The "drop in" nature of Licella's Bio-Crude is one of the reasons Accenture describes Licella's technology as "Potentially Revolutionary"; Licella's Bio-Crude can use existing distribution infrastructure.

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U.S. Navy Visits Licella Plant

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Licella on SBS News
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"Potentially Revolutionary" (Accenture)

Licella was recognised in Accenture's publication, ‘Betting on Science: Disruptive Technologies in Transport Fuels’. Accenture describes Licella’s technology as “potentially revolutionary”, due to its ability to produce fungible or "Drop In" fuels that overcome the issues of having to develop a new distribution infrastructure.

For Accenture to view a technology as "disruptive", it needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Scaleable: greater than 20 percent potential impact on hydrocarbon fuel demand by 2030.
  • Emission savings: greater than 30 percent relative to the hydrocarbon it is replacing.
  • Time to market: commercialization date in less than five years.
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Contact Info

  • Licella Pty Ltd
  • Level 3, 90 Mount St,
  • North Sydney,
  • NSW, Australia
  • Tel: (+61) 02 9119 6050
  • ACN 129 936 063
  • ABN 28 129 936 063

Company Information

Licella is an Australian-based company that has developed a unique process to transform renewable woody-waste materials into an array of biofuels.

The Licella process has been running at our pilot plant at Somersby (just north of Sydney), Australia for over 3 years.

Having won an Australian Federal Grant, our 2nd generation Commercial Demonstration Plant (CDP), has been opened by the Minister for Resources and Energy, Martin Ferguson AM MP, on the 14th December 2011.